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EG Fix
Either go full na or full eu.
Aleksib time is up
The whole team is average. Look at the names they have, they have no buisness being as good as they are. It must be the influence of aleksi, I say he deserves praise not shit.
r8 spider in my room
r8 spider in my room
If its not a photoshoped picture of spider man in your room Im gonna give you a 1 rating.
I dont know what people got against jackinho? He might have a few bad maps but he also has very good ones on fnatic. He is lightning fast and has great potential.
Dignitas vs Galaxy Racer
Jesus fucking christ, this comment section is more toxic then a nuclear power plant! It says you have to be 18+ to bet. And dont bet if you cant afford to lose the money. Neither team gives a shit abo...
Dignitas vs Galaxy Racer
I wanted to watch this game :( Replay is not as fun..
Im not saying they will live their lives in eu, ofc they go gome. But will still play every expected eu event.
1.6 stats vs CSGO
Pretty unfair too. I se cogu with 98 maps against gtr's 662, or forest's 733.. I wonder wich is harder to keep high stats..
Why is godsent wasting their time with this Brazilian roster? It makes no sense, they only play in na and na cs is dead. Liquid is playing everything in eu like they should and so is eg, even oplano a...
I r8 players
Based on what? His prime? His team? His form atm? Achivements? How are you rating these players, it should say in the post.
Nip 5th
Yeah the scene is soo bad that 1 good player cannot be found. Douchebag.
Nip 5th
Bring nawwk back in but as a rifler, just like how he came into the team in the first place. He was doing well then, most likely will do well again.