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Dating Without Sex
expected from tier 1 hltv user TheAwakening never showed his real flag tho...
Dating Without Sex
yeah didnt read the question then sex if u want just say it at first if u want more deep things then give it more time i guess
Is this girl 10/10?
i dont like asians so sorry
Dating Without Sex
bcuz girls dont = sex i have many good girl friends that i wouldnt sex but love to spend time with them
in mm only Eastern eu
mm is bad cuz rank system is shit broken global doesnt mean anything
in mm only Eastern eu
lmao i know spaniards never take serious the game and suck at it LUL but i honestly prefer this type of ppl u can have a good time with than those that have private profiles and never say a word
in mm only Eastern eu
u are not becoming pro in mm but also just SPEAK TALK SHOW LIFE PRESENCE comps are boring with ppl that dont talk
in mm only Eastern eu
they only focus on the game and killing 0 info 0 comm just killing idk why but i prefer a more energetic team tbh
in mm only Eastern eu
i always seem to find full spanish lobbies but harder now.i usually search for avout 15 20 min
Sens and DPI
yes more dpi= more aim and reflex i think u must be god with awp 180 flicks and shotguns
in mm only Eastern eu
+1 always ukrainian or some cis country ppl that dont speak english (ive also met very nice people) the only problem is that eastern countries take cs too serious they never talk only focus on kills b...
Did love ever hurt you badly
yes they broke my heart also
Navi top 1 with hobbit
bad idea i think navi is the best team for him cuz they play for him and let him frag and show off all the time
d1m1tri axaxaxaxa
samurai baiting hltv human evolution is amazing lmao
Pro players 60hz?
I heard someone say ropz got FPL with 50 fps and 15 hz