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My life story.
My life story.
Who are you and why are you reviving a month old thread
I am a no-lifer.
Drugs are the answer
I forgot that Fnatic might be signing Brollan leaving Scream nowhere, before I was saying Scream would really work. Then autimatic can AWP, he's not bad.
Fuck off with draken, not only is he EU but he's toxic garbage and I hate him. Nifty would be ideal, don't think Wardell would have enough experience at the highest level. But as I said, I don't think...
Skadoodle needs to retire
You actually just waited almost a month lmao If you could actually understand English you could read what I said. All the good things I said about Ska were in the context of the major, I never though...
Top 1
At the moment it's either simple or device. Being as unbiased as possible I'd put smooya in the top 20.
god deniers come
The flying spaghetti monster is fake The levitating tagliatelle is real
god deniers come
DNA is a conspiracy
[Serious] is mibr top 1?
ok I'm going to stop replying now
[Serious] is mibr top 1?
You take school between 7 and 14 years compulsory lmao
[Serious] is mibr top 1?
Oh fuck off you're Brazilian and you're gonna talk about education
[Serious] is mibr top 1?
Wow are you trying to act like I'm a child because you're the one behaving like a fucking retard? Oh ok Why are all Brazilians deluded? I mean I get you're trying to bait but there are people who act...
[Serious] is mibr top 1?
Yes, I know there was a major? That's what I was referring to when I said that Stockholm was 10 days before it? Wtf is wrong with you? Also if Fallen even said that then he's just lying
top5 poorest countries