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France come here
My bad I read too fast
France come here
He is the most legitimate though. With your logic, If Melenchon was president he wouldn’t be legitimate too because he had only 20%. You can replace Melenchon with all others candidates. That’s the s...
France come here
In America, we admire rich people In France, we are jealous of rich people.
What is ACTUALLY happening in France right now
Actually every politic movement (from RN to LFI, even LR omegalul) in France try to appropriate the « gilets jaunes ». That’s why I hate politics.
What is ACTUALLY happening in France right now
Your 7)1) is probably false. Old people didn’t vote Le Pen since decades. It’s more the young people who vote for her. It might be changed recently but I don’t think so.
TRUMP'S IQ??? vote here
Say that to California Kappa
people in 1 billion years
You forget the scenario with a global pandemic
Binet is love Binet is life <3
Lmao Kio and sixer not support biggest joke of 2k18 Kio entry second biggest joke of 2k18 (hadji was igling omegalul) U r not a nv fan just a scream fanboy who can’t recognize his hero is overrated or...
He was shit with nv. He can’t say he was in his prefered position but he was. Sixer wasn’t support ? Then kio wasn’t support ? U never saw the attack trio xms-scream- and sixer/kio at the last positio...
LMAO First Xms entry Scream second entry Sixer awp/support Happy igl/baiter Rpk lurker Then Hadji entry Scream second entry Kio support Rpk lurker Happy igl/awper/baiter
As a nv fan from the beginning to the end I can easily said he was second entry
He was second entry.
i know u hltv.
10*10=110 ?