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Smartest player ever
Ummmm.... Seang@res anyone??? Do you see the way he breaks down plays and how fast his minds picks up on team plays when he just watching a scrim or previous match dude is a fucking genius sorry eu fa...
Come here 1st world
make a t1 team
NiKo - Lurk Xyp - Support ChrisJ - Igl Dev1ce - Awp Cold - Entry
make a t1 team
Honestly i love the NA team that’s what i’ve wanted since they brought in Golden. I think Golden is a great igl and with the firepower he gets to work with they could be a great team. Auti = God Cerq ...
make a t1 team
-jw +krimz Olof can awp and krimz had more of an impact than jw has
make a t1 team
Valens my guy he made tarik look like an actual igl
best rifler
Not a question Nikola "1tap" kovac
C9 best solution
+1 c9 would be an amzing team with the bulgarian beast cerq you got auti lurk, rush support, golden igl, cerq awp, and cromen entry. They have the firepower and an amazing igl to now compete with tier...
Top 1
He’d put up s1’ple numbers if his role was tojust frag whenever like s1mple does. All executs are built around s1mple. S1mple na’vis whole strat book, Niko is not
Top 1
All top 20 players in 2018
S1mple/NiKo - Depends on 2nd half of year even as of now Dev1ce Dupreeh Guardian Krimz Auti Cold Magisk Oskar Electronic naf Rain Tarik xyp Flusha KennyS Twistzz ChrisJ Lekr0
Is JW top 10 all time?
Is JW top 10 all time?
1. Olof 2. kennys 3. f0rest 4. gtr 5. cold 6. dev1ce 7. Seńor vac 8. NiKo 9. Shox 10. Guardian Gtr would be higher but his peak fell after 2015-16 and guys like olof, f0rest and kenny continued to be...
Top5 brainwashed countries
Only people that believe most of this shit in america are the liberals that follow these bias news sources and shitty liberal politicians that want to give all of the people that don’t want to work mo...
most famous guy in ur nation
Trump - Us pres Bezos - Founder of amazon