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Next president of USA
It's either Bernie or one of two rapists...
Top 3 IGLs
Karrigan Golden Nitro
True top 10?
1. mouz 2-10. idk yet maybe faze #2 right now
Tier of CS:GO Teams
I edited my comment like 30 seconds after I posted it lol
Tier of CS:GO Teams
Astralis and Liquid Tier 1???? Astralis went out in LAST place and Liquid got 2-0d by faze. The whole Liquid and Astralis > everyone else isn't a thing anymore. I got baited so hard LMAO why did som...
Crazy Bernie.
Zero things you just said are true. Just like your last 50 anti Bernie threads.
Why europeans love Bernie Sanders
You're the one crying now because people actually concerned about human lives won't let you jack off with weapons of war... There won't be a civil war because you and the rest of the Trumpers are real...
Why europeans love Bernie Sanders
Lmao wasn't ignorant. But nice job coming back with another baseless one.
Why europeans love Bernie Sanders
Not a commie, Bernie's not a commie. Fuck you and fuck your ARs. Whoever has to rip those weapons of war from your hands will enjoy your tears.
Why europeans love Bernie Sanders
"Criminals obtain them illegally" is such a baseless argument. Most illegally owned guns were obtained legally by someone else. And you certainly don't need an ASSAULT RIFLE to shoot an intruder. You ...
Why europeans love Bernie Sanders
In your mind "sane immigration laws" means keeping POC out of the country. The definition of racism. There's no "free benefit" that Bernie wants to give solely to "illegal immigrants" (I bet you use t...
Why europeans love Bernie Sanders
"forced inferior quality healthcare" is what he would be replacing with real healthcare. You know actual 1st world healthcare. As for the rest of your reasons its not anyone else's fault you're a raci...