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what the actual fuck are you talking about
nope, ence just suck :(
EU not 1st world
LMAO imagine US if european people never found it yall would still be indians just finding out about fire
He is not retired lmao kebab brain
FaZe kennyS ?
guess you have never seen allu play then ? lol. Hes one of the most aggressive awpers in the whole scene. Just watch a few demo's of him playing inferno or d2 and u will be surprised
FaZe kennyS ?
Lmao no XD
new t1-t2 pro team inc?
bro easier with the weed
bumpedi bump
Good in 1v1 but sucks in 5v5
Matchmaking is a joke seriously xd you can see your true skill in faceit.
5 Reasons Liquid WOUNT win the Berlin Major
I think liquid wont win this major either. They will get knocked out in semi or quarterfinal. ENCE will be in the final once again and this time they will win it and after that aleksi joins Faze.
allu "2 faced" toledo
No one leaked the news, they said that they wanted to make it official before the major and talk things through with the team and not doing after the major. Doing it after the major would have been a ...
Renegades vs DreamEaters
from 0-2 to final trust me
Renegades vs DreamEaters
Easy for finnish esports organization ENCE and the most handsome IGL aleksib <3
AUG Irony
NA first era ever and its been going for couple of months now. Aaaand it will end in a couple of months again and EU dominate for another 600 years like they did before
FaZe Clan.
Thats dreaming at its highest lul. Would be really awesome for real though