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faze clan
every team watch the other team's clips but they can't win against them by just watching and making counter strategies. coaches and igls have to be smart during the match. and gla1ve and zonic are the...
FaZe : the hope
olof niko and guardian on fire, rain needs to step up. however, Astralis has a huge advantage. because they have gla1ve and zonic, the other teams don't.
My life story.
My life story.
Yeah mate!By the way if I were you I would write my story in another forums or asked my questions in 'quora'. There are so much kind and intellectual people out there who have an actual life and high ...
My life story.
Really sad story. Idk what would I do if I were you. I'm sure you are already stronger than most of us.(mentally) You have to keep being strong for yourself and for who loves you. I hope you'll get ri...
g2 would be one of the easiest match up for faze
that will be a bo3? i didn't know that. they have a better chance then. still, there are some tier1 teams for the match up. it won't be easy.
2-3 incoming
I don't play but I still watch some The Viper videos.
no fap record
I had never fapped until the first fap. It's 14 years
turkey and russia come here
lol, I didn't say they have low iq. but I'm saying now. they have low iq
turkey and russia come here
That means you are an exception. I'm talking about majority, not someone has 'high iq'
turkey and russia come here
You can't really learn English before high school here. You should go to a decent high school and university to learn English. Sure, you can learn by yourself. People who play cs go are mostly uneduca...
good old days. they used to play as a 'team' in a joyful harmony. and that's my favorite moment:
Decimate 1 country
I'm not a nationalist person or I'm not a muslim. I'm trying to improve my English and my programming skills to find a proper job in another country. I hate my government and also hate the %70 of the ...