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Kpop (please help I'm suffering against BTS fans)
Its so funny as well. I follow a group. (like their music, not a die hard fan). So a guy that looks like he's 30 calling this just turned 19 year old. His love, his queen, his love of his life and wil...
Kpop (please help I'm suffering against BTS fans)
Honestly. Dont argue against them you can't win. Well you can, but they're so ignorant that they dont care what you say
BTS on SnL
BTS and all their little fucking fangirls. Most annoying shit ever. You say one thing criticizing them for one little thing, and they'd act like you just killed their family
Low sens isnt good!
I doubt you've been playing for 8 years considering you had to mention. Which seems like you said it just to put it out there. And "prove" that you played it for 8 years
C9 good new lineup
Honestly just give TenZ the spot. Kid is insane, probably even better than s0m and he plus he isnt cocky.
Is finnish hard?
wud u keep Zellsis?
Not what happened. Golden couldnt play in Major so they put him as "Coach" but they practiced with him.
Top 15 NHL Players
Fit Matthews somewhere and youre good
iBP arena is weird
Well it is the point. He's saying you can see if theyre flashed and pointing that out is indirectly saying its like an advantage. But if youre in a middle of a fight youre not gonna look at your oppon...
#8 Fallen
? this guy works with hltv? Dont think its fake, and flamie was not good enough this year to be in the running for top 10
Top 20 players 2018: 15th
Top 20 players 2018: 15th
Top 20 players 2018: 19th
Alright pal. Most you can get is some 30+ year old hooker off the street.
whos excited for minecraft 2?
Honestly. Kinda just looking forward to the RPG side of it rather than the blocks shit