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Flash vs 5POWER
5-0 6-9 Flash like always
FriendlyFire vs Izako Boars
Round over - Winner: T (7-9) - Enemy eliminated LyGHT killed matty with glock (headshot) matty killed ScrunK with usp_silencer (headshot) ScrunK killed nawrot with usp_silencer (headshot) ScrunK kille...
Beyond vs Flash
1map 10-1 lose 16-19 2map 6-2 lose 5v3 vs cz’s 6-9 idk It’s should be ez 2-0 for Beyond but how does it possible to lose from 10-1 and like 5 times 4v2 and 5v3 and so mane forces....
Beyond vs Flash
Round over - Winner: T (6-6) - Enemy eliminated AttackeR killed Olivia with ak47 (headshot) AttackeR killed Geniuss with ak47 AttackeR killed stk with ak47 (headshot) Summer killed cbbk with ak47 Summ...
Beyond vs Flash
5-1 4vs2 6-3 5v3 Beyond are u sure????
Beyond vs Flash
12-7 to 14-14 lose 4v2... why? Then 15-15 Lose 4v2 and 16-19 Now 6-2 lose 5v3 vs cz’s 6-9... beyond plsssd
unknown vs SuperJymy
arvid planted the bomb (2on0) Round over - Winner: T (9-7) - Enemy eliminated SADDYX killed Ryxxo with glock (headshot) SADDYX killed dfen with glock (headshot) Ryxxo killed BONA with hkp2000 (headsho...
KoN Norway vs KoN Finland
Round over - Winner: CT (9-13) - Bomb defused fibb0 defused the bomb fibb0 killed Elfern with usp_silencer (headshot) fibb0 killed yenkey with awp Elfern killed Martux with ak47 fibb0 killed bonecold ...
unknown vs SuperJymy
WTf 10-5 4v2 11-8 4v2 13-12 13-16?????!?
Flash vs MVP PK
ANd 4v2 wtf omg why they lose it,it’s ez game for them but...
Flash vs MVP PK
3-3 4v2 3-4 2v1 3-6 3v1 I can’t believe it
Flash vs MVP PK
3-3 4v2 vs 2cz’s 3-4 2v1....
Flash vs MVP PK
7-3 lose full eco Then 5v3 8-10 nice
CyberZen vs EHOME
ound over - Winner: T (11-9) - Enemy eliminated Ayeon killed Savage with famas (headshot) Ayeon killed Monster with famas Savage killed Marek with m4a1 Marek planted the bomb (2on2) Ayeon killed Viva ...
pro100 vs Syman
14-2 lose 5v1 14-6 5v3 14-16???