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Singularity vs ATK
floppy + oSee(flash assist) killed seb with sg556 (headshot) floppy + oSee(flash assist) killed dazzLe with sg556 (headshot) floppy killed dapr with sg556 Round started wtf are u doing Singulariyty???...
FaZe vs mousesports
10-2 5v3 10-10 xdddd gj Mouz i lose express on 134$ cuz of this
PACT vs Phoenix
7-4 lose 3v1 mac-10 7-5 5v3 0v3 7-8.........
Heroic vs Tricked
Round over - Winner: CT (20 - 20) - Bomb defused HUNDEN defused the bomb HUNDEN killed cadiaN with ak47 (headshot) HUNDEN + roeJ (assist) killed stavn with ak47 HUNDEN killed es3tag with inferno stavn...
Monky See Monky Do vs Paradox
15-12 to 15-19kkkkkk vs Espada
haahhaahhahaahhaa 4-4 degster cant kill behind 4-5 5v3 4-11 what a big throw from Espada
Se7en vs PACT
13-9 2v1 13-10 10iq round losed 4v2 13-16 gg pact gjjjjj
HAVU vs Nemiga
Round over - Winner: T (2 - 0) - Enemy eliminated ROBO killed ZOREE with ak47 ROBO killed sAw with ak47 (headshot) ROBO killed doto with ak47 (headshot) hutji killed hoody with mp5sd sAw + sLowi (...
HAVU vs Nemiga
ahaahhahaahahha HAVU 4v2 5v3 nice start xddddddddddddddd
SKADE vs Heretics
Round over - Winner: T (10 - 9) - Enemy eliminated Maka killed rafftu with ak47 Maka planted the bomb (1on1) Maka killed Zix with ak47 Maka killed Rock1nG with ak47 Rock1nG killed Davidp with ak47 (he...
its 100% throw from Order just watch what are they doing lol ahhaaahhha
AVANGAR vs fnatic if u are JAMETIME FANS go to this group! ACCEPT ALL!
Gambit Youngsters vs Illuminar
8-5 lose 5v3 vs eco 8-7 4v2 pistol 8-12... lol gambit
Copenhagen Flames vs ex-Epsilon
5v3 ahahahahadwadawdjadhh wtf????? they lose all round 5v3 4v2 lol
Copenhagen Flames vs ex-Epsilon