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r8 insane 1v4
It was nice/good, but "Insane" was a bit much ey?
Xyp3x is cheating
I'm going to kill myself
I hope this isn't real. Seemed quite real actually.
Sex is Overated +18
Good points, read this!
Sex is Overated +18
This! Good chemistry with the partner is a HUGE factor.
Zass xaxax
Agreed. When they strart compete with males teams, or have mixed male/female teams, then they can get same salary. As far as I know they already get better salary then males in the same skill-class....
Wrong! Last time they showed some kind of game/structure was with Threat. After that its all been just shit, with whatever players they had. EXCEPT maybe a few matches now and then, but nothing st...
[18+] help me
My only guess is that this is a troll
sEx overrated?
This is a pretty accurate answer. Sex can be way worse than a wank, but also way better.
hi all, i am a girl user of hltv, hope its ok
hahaha nice one, best logic! :D
Curvy and thicc girls
Yeah its probably just the internet. I know a very few amount of guys IRL that has this perception. All other has a more normal/realistic view on this.
Curvy and thicc girls
Agreed, its absolutely not. At least not if its defined correct. Some people may call a fat person "curvy" to not sound rude. But curvy is far from fat.
Totally agree with this. I dont know about Friberg/Xizt/Pyth and other NiP members. But all I have seen and heard from F0rest, he is a good guy. And GTR too, really humble person.
What is an "ERA" ?
Era = Long winning streak. Where you have a lot of wins, and the tournaments you do not win, you still placed like top 3-5.
remove the sg