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Don't forget to smile in any situation. As long as you are alive, there will be better things later, and there will be many.

Maybe sometimes it takes more courage not to fight.

Also don't mess with my food.
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Islam LUL
Where in this article does it say they are Muslim?
racial slurs that are offensive in your country
This topic isn't appropriate and shouldn't have been made. Thanks in advance for understanding.
banned for no reason
If you have a question as to why you were banned for, you can always ask an admin. Looks like you're banned for creating rather pointless threads that're there just to pit fellow HLTV users against ea...
ICE POSEIDON FBI Must be a parody of some sort ^-^
The FBI only uses their SWAT team for hostage and barricade situations, not for home raids.
Editing Hltv posts wtf
Why would you need to edit your post? If you're looking for a grace period, take an extra 2-5 minutes before pressing Submit to revise your post.
Editing Hltv posts wtf
You aren't able to edit the starting post of a thread to prevent other users from being mislead.
NZ death penalty for the shooter
"No wonder Muslims are sometimes pushed to do terrible things because of people like you. IMO you people are no better than the shooter himself" Don't group all Muslims under a stereotype. Thread loc...
RAM question
You should be fine. Just know if you mix different clock speeds together, all of the modules will run at the lowest speed.
RAM question
If he knows how to configure them in BIOS he can set the frequency of both, so he should be fine regardless.
RAM question
You can run different memory modules so long as their faster than your computer specifications.
admins/owners HLTV
Thanks. At the same time, most people that're commenting on the shooting have legit opinions on them. Times like these are when we actually come together as a community and pray for the families of al...
admins/owners HLTV
I think he thinks that (:
Csgo still worth playing???????
There'll forever be a reason to play CS:GO, especially if you take advantage of all the custom mods community servers have to offer.
CZ or Five-SeveN ?
Whichever one you're better with!