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cut that shit and ride the wave
what are you on man?
navi go 0-3
i hope not
Darkest time in your country’s history?
this hits hard. Lithuania had so much power and land..
I guess your age
favorite csgo player? S1mple favorite csgo team? Natus Vincere csgo rank? don't play CS:GO anymore time played in csgo? about 3k hours favorite map? Mirage where u from? Lithuania
how to sleep
soothing teas / hot bath / melatonine / xanax. your phone doesn't help you also. sleep deprivation is serious thing and you must get some sleep if you want to avoid dealing with shadow people.
Ur Keyboard?
some 5 years old westrom keyboard which was about no more than 10 euros. it's shit but does its work
Your country lands
former Kievan Rus' and other Slavic lands, including what is now Belarus and parts of Ukraine, Poland and Russia. Grand Duchy of Lithuania. good times.
Can NaVi Upset?
me and my 20€ believes they can upset.
respect in 2018?
internet is not the problem. social media is.
YouTube Rewind
unbelievable how trash this Rewind is. at first I saw comments, then tried to watch video, but turn off after few minutes. what happened? where did we go wrong?
milk in tea
the only tea which I drink with milk is cannabis tea.
Csgo Leaderboard
this feature would give valve no money. and valve is all about the money.
Alaska Earthquake
am living in Lithuania and was thinking same. no hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, tornados. pretty good place.
Best food in your country
cepelinai and šaltibarščiai