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Czech people come here
haha made me laugh
History of NA CS
the 1.6 team coL had was pretty good with frod sunman tr1p etc
acne prone skin
still cs and mma gave you pleasure right? life is not about fucking girls, ive fucked alot and i havn't gained anything out of it. but check with your doctor asap if you want it fixed asap. 6month...
acne prone skin
you are not even close to your best years brother, just believe like you believe you gonna hit that juan deag
acne prone skin
how old are you? men are in their prime around 30-35
acne prone skin
you should go check with a doctor if you could start roaccutane again, it changed my friends life.
acne prone skin
then i guess you have a weak liver, i know people who have been drinking like alcoholics and still being able to use roaccutane for 6 months without any problem.
acne prone skin
do you think your liver couldnt take it anymore or did you actually check? if you are a young and healthy teenager/early 20's your liver should be able to take 6 months of roaccutane since you write ...
acne prone skin
roaccutane is something you take for 6 months and then its pretty much impossible to get pimples again since the medicine eliminate the production of the substance in the pimples
flusha has a better major rating, cold has a better major rating, gtr has a better major rating. But olof is the only player that has been to the legend stage in all majors. So? Compare if you play ...
olof back?
if you know how a team is built up, no one is getting carried. they have systems, who does what and when. Olof is support, so stat wise sure he should get carried. If the carries dont do their wor...
olof back?
yes thats true, but since rain, guardian and niko has been doing their job as carries olofs role will also improve
olof back?
I think he has never been out of it, people just have to realize that he has supportive roles. If the "carries" dont do their job they just make it harder for the supports. Now he plays alot for inf...
Far left
not crying tho, just telling you whats up
Far left
if you find it pleasurable to do nasty stuff to people maybe you should look for some help? :)