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Astralis ERA
who to IGL?
1940 soviet bombing of sweden
Den 24 juli 1942 fällde ett okänt flygplan flera bomber nära Borgholm. Anfallet inleddes med ett starkt spårljus. En mängd brandbomber föll över slottsmurarna och slottsområdet. Tack vare att det regn...
1940 soviet bombing of sweden
They dropped some bombs by accident. read this and you will find out :) never heard of the 130bombs you are talking about, and an amout that big should b...
1940 soviet bombing of sweden
the germans did, not sure of what year it was but i have seen some holes in the ground from some german bombs
1940 soviet bombing of sweden
Not true, only a submarine went ashore outside of my city in 1981
goats? cant be more than one GOAT
why i should play csgo? 10 reasons
Tbh nobody really cares if you play or not :)
magisk is currently best player of 2019 :)
he is very good mechanically but should not play as IGL, he should have learned this when he took over the IGL role in mouz. from what i could tell in the first game vs ghost his teammates flashed al...
because he is tosik af
did you see any faze match?
Feel bad 4 NiKo
its more to it than the IGL making shitty calls.
how come everyone on hltv forums think they are experts in csgo when they are lvl 3 faceit players?
Feel bad 4 NiKo
he destroyed it when he tried to IGL
Feel bad 4 NiKo
Why would you feel bad for a guy who destroys teams? Think he can IGL better than everyone and makes the players lose faith in the IGL?