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Major Playoff Preds [LENGTHY POST]
i agree whole heartedly except the reason Fnatic is going to beat SK is not only because standin but Coldzera's worst team to play against statistically has ALWAYS been Fnatic. in 22 maps he averaged ...
HenryG in a nutshell
"what was that?" "why has he done that" not bashing him just adding some
Orion vs RONIN
BOOBIE i hope this dude somehow makes the major quals just so his name is permanently BOOBIE
I just messed up my programming exam, AMA
first year? what language too
JW wtf
post a picture of yourself you drunkard :D wait, you won't because you're ugly
fnatic (huge bias) to be honest though, I think they may have a chance to beat SK, and maybe G2 to get to the finals. Krimz and Flusha have been on point this major with great ratings, especially Kr...
Top 5 yours favorite players
When these players are at their best 1. kNg 2. ColdZera 3. Pasha 4. Snax 5. RpK Bonus: flusha JW Krimz
new rankings
thats not how that works, you lose points by not playing games. check details on a teams ranking and it will show the relevancy of each tournament they played. The only reason they are still so high i...
SK vs fnatic
1. fnatic removed Overpass 2. SK removed Nuke 3. fnatic picked Mirage 4. SK picked Cache 5. fnatic removed Train 6. SK removed Inferno 7. Cobblestone was left over
SK vs fnatic
XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Fnatic ofc if they do manage to beat SK have no time to relax and prepare and must immediately play another match. x fucking d
who? dev1ce doesnt want to be the big main star, k0nfig does, jugi seems pretty laid back, cant speak about gla1ve and his ideas but xyp9x is also pretty laid back.
The ones Lurppis suggested look good. Astralis: dev1ce, gla1ve, JUGi, k0nfig, Xyp9x North: dupreeh, Kjaerbye, mertz, MSL, valde Heroic: aizy, cajunb, MODDII, niko, Snappi
mouz never legend
all the curses and streaks have been broken this tournie though, Astralis and VP gone in groups, VP's first time losing Major opening match, skadoodle makes playoffs, shox makes playoffs etc etc
playoff draw?
dear god if fnatic get FaZe AGAIN that would suck
burn mark / birth mark i have seen a lot of different color birth marks, i have huge red one going up my calf