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FaZe will win IBP Masters
We'll see how they do after a few weeks of practice. Hopefully they show up in late 2017 form, but they might fall flat. We'll see :)
189 cm 115 kg
Not really, the world's tallest countries are the Netherlands (1.838 m), Montenegro (1.832 m), Denmark (1.826 m) Norway (1.824 m), Serbia (1.82 m), Germany (1.81 m), Croatia (1.805 m), and Czechia (1....
Tier 1 countries in your opinion?
It used to be based on geographical location, but nowadays it's more about quality of life and GDP :)
Tier 1 countries in your opinion?
No worries, it happens. Have a nice day :)
Tier 1 countries in your opinion?
Norway is situated in the North-Western part of Europe :)
I r8 ur country
Knock yourself out :)
Most food is good food The Netherlands Purple/blue S1mple 20
Tell me your Resolution
1920 by 1080 Or 800 by 600 black bars when I feel like it :)
Your diet has a massive impact on your body both in function and size. Go to a nutritionist and ask them for advice. I'm 100% confident that they know more about this stuff than I do. Best of luck t...
189 cm 115 kg
200 cm 73kg Like Slenderman, but with a face.
Rainbow Six Siege is better than CSGO
That's true. Speaking for myself, i've always had a habit of switching between fps (battlefield, cod, csgo, overwatch to name a few) so it might be easier for me, but it didn't take me that long to g...
Rainbow Six Siege is better than CSGO
I agree with most of it, however there's one thing that i simply can't agree with. Which would be "Having a good aim by being and ex-CS:GO or CoD player will not be helping you a lot in Siege." The ...
What's the most iconic CS:GO play ever?
Olofboost, cold jumping 4k, simple 2v1 with awp, i'd even put Stewie's solo B hold on inferno from the boston major on it (it still hurts).
Hopefully :)
Reddit On Cheaters
Same here. Don't want anything to do with people who cheat in multiplayer games.