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He is nothing.
how did murderers marry so easily?
It's a well documented thing. Women get wet from serial killers.
How Islam expanded? Men were promised 72 virgins women in paradise if you fought for the "cause". And the women covered by those dresses created sexual frustration = more soldiers ready to throw their...
Each team is weak (Kappa)
NaVi and Gambit (after a few LANs) are clearly above the rest.
Europeans lmao
USA top 1 at doping thats for sure
France come here
White supremacism = natives living in the country of their ancestors
s1mple 2 cologne device 0
Cologne 2021 was a "normal event" yeah sure xD Valued higher by the majority and they may be right, but what I tried to say above with JW is: winning in 2021 > winning in 2015.
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AVNAGAR won Vitality in quarters. ENCE won Liquid in quarters in Katowice. It was well played from them indeed. My comparison between Katowice 2019 and 2020 still stands. You explained me that what ma...
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So much preparation that Immortals, ENCE or AVANGAR reached the grand final of majors ahah you proved by yourself that doing "player break + bootcamp" then a major allows upsets, underdogs to go far r...
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Because every team didnt put "their ALL" in Cologne 2021 or Katowice 2020? Compare Katowice 2019 and 2020, it was more competitive in 2020. The last two majors won by Astralis were stomps agaisnt ENCE...
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Because majors are overrated. They are no different than other big events. Truth is Cologne and Katowice used to be majors. s1mple won these titles in more competitive eras than others "legends" of cs...
this is bullshit
I doubt es3tag will only get 0.92 rating but baitF needs to change his playstyle
why not -jks
jks is like James Rodriguez in football, he is skilled and he is meant to be the star player of his team like in Renegades/100T, the same way Rodriguez didn't perform in Real Madrid because they were ...