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anime fan, video game fanatic/lunatic, got a boring life and lonely as f**k, fan of music of rock, metal, and electric genre (any language btw, danish, japanese, korean, english, etc.)
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Interesting major
DAVEY cheating in IEM QUAL, pls watch
Its still considered to be cheating cause you can just get the info and pass it on to tms without anyone knowing. And he was gettingg the info cause apparently he was watching the stream with gf
Interesting major
All good, have a good day
Interesting major
Trying to say 5 out of the original legend spots will get replaced, its likely 3 of them will still retain their legends spot unless something else goes wrong
major crowd
If C9 make it somehow, the major will automatically sell out (you know why :D) im sure it'll sellout within a few days, but eh who knows. I would go since im a boston resident but school etc prevents ...
You'll prove it or I'll kill you
Interesting major
Depends, and yes i forgot to mention that they tried to get visas st the last minute
Interesting major
Hmm seems like a good plot twist *thinking*
Swiss Format needs to end
Swiss system isnt even the problem, its the teams. I say things would be more fair and balanced if it was a bo3 swiss like what starladder will soon have
Cmon why you got to betray your own country like that
Your baits are as garbage as the country of ireland, how about go think before saying shit cause no one is going take your trash lightly
Gambit vs SK
Even if SK go to the 2-2, none of the teams in that pool would be able to match up to them
Gambit vs SK
I'll be mad disappointed if SK lose to Gambit
5 Countries you would like to go on vacation
Japan Canada South Korea Denmark France
With how ska has been performing in the past few months, def not. And others can agree on that