hi, I'm Psycho. Nice to meet you. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I like making stupid comments and making people angry whenever on HLTV or somewhere else. No longer playing csgo due to how bland and boring it got, just playing other games now, just sticking around for the pro scene. I'm a very curious person especially about countries or anything that catches my interest.
I like watching anime and playing video games
I have an interest in World Geography although it's not taught alot in US public schools so I have to self teach from the internet LUL
Countries I'd like to visit in the future: Canada, UK, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Denmark, and France. (Yes i don't travel alot due to issues like school and the cost of travelling unfortunately, many americans would love to travel aboard for a little vacation/holiday but the main problem for that is money sadly.)
P.S I'm not "Psychological" with the lowercase L, that person you guys probably know is long gone.

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USA haters come ;)
Also a good portion of our population have been brainwashed by retarded leftists and retarded rightists so you'll have to break through them first.
USA haters come ;)
You really think you'll be able to with how corrupted our government especially our Congress is? Thats just a illusion.
USA haters come ;)
I shittalk abut my own country all the time and its for a good reason. And yes I've lived here for my entire life as well.
Yeah right. Why dont you show me proof?
You're a wuss, no wait you're an actual pussy. Its not even long let alone bigger than your damn finger.
g2 last hope
There is no hope. I feel that out of all esports, G2's csgo team is the worst. Even their LoL counterparts are doing better and showing actual results in the past few months lmao.
n1ckst4r02 on reddit
Says swedistan, soon to be minority.
This thread just shows how retarded people are. Especially from armada33 and Not so Professional_HLTV_User. And no dont even think i didnt say youre retarded cause you are one as well bud.
Fuck summer
cause fuck the cold. Summers for lifeee, fuck Winters.
Last human on earth
no internet bro lmao
Helped a refugee
Wait if hes been there for 2 years then how tf is he still alive?? And hold up does he even speak german let alone english?
LoL Worlds championship
When G2 LoL achieved more than their csgo counterparts in the past few months. Its a shame.
I dont see the appeal for sports video games anyway.
EA is scum anyway. They nearly killed themselves with that one game with lootboxes.
shouldnt be that hard no?