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Astralis vs FaZe
NRG are still too young of a team to be winning a final imo. And I doubt they will beat liquid a second time. Liquid is the better team no qiestion. Last bo3 was liquid several underestimating NRG.
Astralis vs Liquid
Literally only been a few online matches...
fnatic vs Astralis
Holy fuck people are stupid.
best netflix series?
Vikings on Amazon though
best netflix series?
Bojack is amazing though
NOREG vs Endpoint
Blast series
Is draken a tier1 awper?
He was the guy who got them to the finals on the first place...
You could argue that 2017 is much more competitive than 2016 (hence why we hardly see a team dominate for a long time)
Most hateable player
You think they didn't? They asked him to apologize but he refused to...
The NA Superteam That Should Be
People ignoring the fact that liquid is so good because of nitro/Stanislaw ingame leading. What if I told you that to have a good team you need to have a good igl (tarik doesn't count)
You being serious?
Players that need to be saved
Limpone to nip? They need an igl (would be cool seeing him and jw going up against each other in a classic matchup)
Pro him throws
*Jump throws (fuck autocorrect)
Top 5 of the year
What are VP doing on that list?? Epicenter was mental and a massive return to form but most of the year they have been shit after dreamhack Vegas . The list is missing G2/north or even gambit but no...
Erm are you joking? Boltz is a completely different player to felps. He's much more passive player. This means fallen can do his shit on train and kill everyone. Faze did play bad. Rain and olof playe...