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Sverige and Deutschland come here
Any immigrant can come here on only one condition, don’t cause trouble. If you aren’t going to then you’re welcomed here :)
Movie suggestions
Birdman or the unexpected virtue of ignorance
Anti-school propaganda
Education is forced into this way. To be honest they make school a living hell so that they pick the cream of the crop for high skilled jobs such as doctors or chemists. Its a really poor strategy tha...
Germans come here
Nope I don’t see it 24/7 and it isn’t consuming our culture YET I don’t know in a few years time but I respect other races and cultures but I prefer if it dosen’t obstruct our own identity and culture
Cloud9 new roster
I’m sure it will be +styko +Golden On a seriois note
This shows the rightist media is just as bad as the leftist media. Most leftists blow racism out of proportion while rightists believe it dosen’t even exist. There are an equal share of racists and ov...
Germans come here
Nothing I mean yes
Croatia last european hope
Nope and that has nothing to do with it. If you want to discredit France’s team, you’re pathetic. Instead of whining that people are taking up your jobs maybe you should actually do shit first, stayin...
Croatia last european hope
kläre mich auf
Croatia last european hope
these ‘third worlders’’s shoes cost more than how much money your parents waste on you
German but not fans of BIG
Sprout NaVi NiP
German but not fans of BIG
They’re arrogant especially smooya and its rubs me in the wrong way even if they might be joking. They’re also known to be toxic especially in some interviews revealing to be so. Some are in German bu...
German but not fans of BIG
No in fact I don’t like ss at all
best Roster move this year
The best of the best
life is stupid
I’m glad that you’re able to enjoy your life but you only know depression when you feel it like when your lover gets murdered along with your family. The pain is imaginable. Society nowadays is like i...