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imagine having 107 bil and not even investing in rocket science, fuck you bill
Rain didnt age well
damn shes ugly
North vs BIG
Tabsen standing up
kennyS' GF
I dislike asian bbys but this one is kinda cute, is she mixed? good girl for heart, well played kenny
G2 vs NiP
match of the day
Hitting a girl
I did slap, I have no regret or pity, most woman use cry as def stance and 2 minutes later they are perfectly fine. But I understand that in modern society its a huge nono, people will start judging y...
165-170cm, lips that are visible, little breast, fine ass. Melancholy, unemotional character, modest. Without sexual addiction. Without plastic surgery. have something at her end, obviously I'm not...
r8 grill I saw in subway train
thats not her
r8 grill I saw in subway train
why russia is such a shithole?
Being shit is in our gen code, we can act smart and succeed under circumstance. But entirely as a human beings we are, indeed a failure. Russian women no longer give birth to strong personalities, lea...
valve is dying
dota 2 = biggest excuse of an esport, "top level" teams play 2-3 time a year and basically getting shit-ton of money for nothing, none of them are truly in form. Valve indeed dying as publisher, have...
Best rapper
Eminem 😎👍 give me something harder than that
faze unprofessional
there is difference between loosing 16-0 and 16-4 when someone loose 16-1, 16-0, 15-0 side. Its very funny for both players and viewers, bcs it make loosing side look so bad nobody understand why the...
tarik tweet
I'm not reading lowiq tweets sry