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Find your birthday twin!
Most reliable car?
Tesla's are trash. Definitely not reliable and they're hella expensive for repairs.
Finnish People
'Weeb or not is irrelevant' Makes his own made up bullshit, just like with everything else, such as me being an immigrant and me hating Danes (that he doesn't realise that I'm obviously doing it on p...
Finnish People
Cry me a river mate. First of all how did you assume I'm a weeb lmfao. Why would I answer something to you, when you make your own shit up one way or another lmfao? Take this L, as you always do, and...
Finnish People
No it is not lmfao. Every Scandinavian (also some Danes) knows that Danish is different from Swedish and Norwegian (speach wise). Stop being so ignorant. Even when talking English, Danes sound simply ...
Finnish People
Randominator, always butthurt and triggered and can't accept a fact and truth. Always whines like a little bitch for no apparent reason whatsoever. Has to pull the immigrant card, that he by the way, ...
Finnish People
Hahaha yeah he's actually pathetic. He's always on threads that have something to do with Denmark. He's little bit obsessed with it.
Finnish People
Randominator the biggest HLTV 'nationalist' who can't accept an L even tho he gets them on every single thread! Amazing life to have.
Finnish People
Get a life lol
Finnish People
Love it how like 20 people told you already that you are wrong and you're still in a delusion lmfao. Danes. Ignorant and stupid.
best guitarist of all time
There isn't one guitarist that is the best. Everyone has a different taste and it's impossible to find one that is the greatest. Music isn't a sport. My personal favourite? Tony Iommi. *Oh and of co...
0-2 -> 3-2
Djokovic GOAT
Strongest Jedi/Sith?
Windu > Sidious
Nice car?
Btw a car from the 1980s doesn't cost 900$ lol. Could cost way more, especially if it still runs and if it's in good shape. Some collectors pay big money for those old gems.