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Nordavind vs Illuminar
Have you ever seen them play? Reatz and inno are major-proven players, stomp is probably one of the better t2-t3 awpers out there, mono is new Rpk of p250 and oskarish is just fragging mad for being a...
Nordavind vs Illuminar
Nah. Illu is higher in ranking, has better players individually, better igl and they do have a lan incoming
Nordavind vs Illuminar
Norda aint better than Illuminar
e-sport olympics!
First word to be all caps lul, why tf not Esports? Thats how every word begins, with a capital letter you know. Is it Football or football? Europe or europe? Use brain pls
NoChance vs Aristocracy
You know he was top 4 in stats on DH Summer? 1.21 rating +33 kd in 5 maps
EU JEALOUS ?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
You know that North America and South America are different continents, right?
You say that because you pretty much havent seen fiku, reiko, hades or crity, I will admit I dont like goofy or sobol but they are still interesting players
Actually Id recommend you to take a look at mhl, I have talked to some good talents in PL and they always said mhl is something special, just try to look at him with an open mind, also hades is a god ...
SJW Dreamhack Twitch Chat Mod
I hate this game. They group up in 5 on banana and every single one of them has a smoke in their hand. Like wtf do you expect, that they CTs would wait for you to prepare your walk in? Holy fuck xD vs ex-Wisła Płock
Are you judging that from the last games he played while being hospitalized? Cut him some slack he is really good, just had some bad issues lately
How do people fall for this bait its just too obvious and obnoxious to even take it seriously D:
NRG vs Vitality
Tbh 2nd best aimer in Vitality isnt easy to sort out but whether it is Apex/Nbk or Alex they all are still worse MECHANICALLY than Ethan, Cerq and Brezhe, tarik is probably equal to them, maybe slight...
mousesports vs MVP PK
Bracket is flipped so they will play against loser of the 2nd semifinal
mousesports vs MVP PK
Movistar Riders vs piratesports
Doesnt make sense