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Best province/state in your country
def not Vysocina imo. If I could choose, I'd live in Jihocesky kraj or maybe Stredocesky kraj. Jihomoravsky kraj is OK I think. Sadly I'm stuck in literally one of the worst cities in this country for...
Best province/state in your country
so all of slovakia
+1, but they also really have to work much harder. In the recent interview with lekro, he said that they haven't really been practicing much I think. That's... definitely not professional.
College major & future job
bump ._.
Wasted life
dude. if you dont enjoy parties, you just dont go to them, nothing wrong with that. I've been to one and never again. They are pretty fcking bad imo, just people dancing and sometimes doing drugs and ...
Chronicles of Narnia
I loved it when I was a kid, still kinda love it because of nostalgia... If you like fantasy I'd give at least the first movie a try
the most beautiful city
Innsbruck and Seefeld in Tirol... when you are driving to Seefeld you can see really pretty little towns in the valleys in between the huge mountains, feels like a fairytale.
Pro players callouts?
An old twitch chat/hltv meme
teams that actually try to beat Astralis
+1,f0rest seems to think the same (he said so in an interview). Astralis are always one step ahead of everyone else in terms of preparation
Pro players callouts?
In jail
olof will never go to nip imo
I think they will, either before or after the next major... probably after though.
Nickname rating 0/5
I usually use Chrome, Chromium or chrom3. You can rate them all if you want to
NIP will beat Astralis