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How many girls have you asked out in your life IRL? POLL
counts the girl online but only 3 flag doesnt check out
big indian brain, please make tutorials on youtube to elaborate more on it
6th player vitality
But are top players actually willing to play in a 10player team is the question tho, if it's just 5 tier1 players and then 5 tier3-4 players then that's not gonna be a very good team. On top of that 1...
Daps suck
sure xizt wasn't anything special but he was still way better than daps which is the main point of this post
How handsome is this guy?
+1 nothing wrong with appreciating a good looking man
been seeing comments like this since 2015, funny how people still give attention to asian cs even though they said they never will like 100 times
Underrated song in your opinion
aight if so, then I would say that about 5% of people actually know the meaning of underrated and overrated as I see an insanely high amount of people judging if something is underrated or overrated b...
Underrated song in your opinion
so if that's the case, then basically despacito can be underrated for "me" as people think it's just a joke when I think it's actually awesome
prettiest pro players
is this undercover seized
Non-toxic CS:GO countries
tbh Japan, just from my experience Countries I have played with: China - rarely speaks English, and when they do they just do it to flame and doesn't understand a thing Korea - the most toxic players...
im gonna be a youtuber
You can do drug dealing
Invictus vs D13
yea there are, but it's way less common than you think. The comment you replied to is on point.