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I will say in 3 months navi are ahead of fnatic and faze on the hltv ranking. Navi can be good without zeus as long as the replacement is still an IGL, last time getting rid of zeus didn't work becau...
Players who disappeared
when s1mple stood in for STYKO
I agree, I have wanted s1mple to join mouse for a long time, especially now that they have karrigan
when s1mple stood in for STYKO
mousesports didn't have close to enough money to buy s1mple.
Every weapon should have 100% first shot accuracy
its technically correct, the best kind of correct.
Every weapon should have 100% first shot accuracy
im fine with some weapons having inaccuracy, but I think the ak and then m4 unscoped should be as accurate as the aug and sg unscoped are right now.
I would put niko lower, while his 2019 was a train wreck, being in faze under karrigan for 2017, and the most of 2018 is about as ideal of a situation as you can see from him considering hes from bosn...
2015 olof > 2018 s1mple
in playing counter strike. In 2018 s1mples worst event was a 1.19 rating with a 1.4 kd. Thats better then olofs average across 2015. S1mple on literally his worst event of the year puts up better n...
2015 olof > 2018 s1mple
not even close. olof is over ratted, people only remember his good games because it was 4 years ago, s1mple was more consistent
NaVi 2-0 Vitality
Ok so vitality will ban train, navi will ban vertigo I think vitality will probably pick inferno, which I would pick them to win on, that being said I am less confident after watching them lose their ...
NaVi 2-0 Vitality
don't think it will be 2-0, I don't think navi have a super deep map pool yet, I still think they will win though.
ZywOo > s1mple
s1mples a game is better then zywoos a game, but zywoo hits his a game more consistently, zywoo also has a better b game, and has his c game less often, however s1mples c game is better then zywoos c ...
dev1ce, s1mple, ZyWoo, EliGE
s1mple elige and zywoo have a chance, device will not be the number 1 player, i guess theoritically he drop 1.2 kpr for the rest of the year and win every mvp, but if that doesnt happen it will probab...
Woxic TOP 5 awper?
i would say yes It also depends if you count s1mple, hes the best or second best player with the weapon, but he doesn't use it anymore If you count s1mple then its 1. s1mple/zywoo 2.s1mple?zywoo 3....