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Green eyes
Brown eyes. The colour 90% of people have
Green eyes
Green eyes are actually more rare than blue though.
Back to CiS s1mple electronic ANGE1 HobbiT Mir
I fix Swe scene
Olof isn't joining that team. Maybe swap draken with Olof and he can also 2nd AWP like they used to in Fnatic and they just AWP as they feel.
Royal family
Same for the UK Royal family. Some people just don't seem to be able to grasp that.
Royal family
Tax payers money didn't pay for the wedding.
yes, Gaben said no to Turkey Jk, im fucked too.
s1mple just leave na'vi....
It's not my ideal CiS team, but with current state of buyouts, probably the best you could get. This would be my team if someone could afford the buyouts s1mple electronic ange1 hobbit flamie/mir
s1mple just leave na'vi....
Upgrade on Na'Vi
s1mple just leave na'vi....
VP kick their trash Polish team and go back to CIS. s1mple electronic Jame m1r Adren
Do a super team :)
Who would you have replaced? I think moose is better than JasonR. Although JasonR doesn't have the competitive drive anymore so can't really say.
Do a super team :)
Steel Twistzzz NAF Wardell moose
Aimbotz record
you're trying to flex on HLTV but won't back it up with proof. you're fake and lying to yourself. Don't talk the talk, if you won't walk the walk. Enjoy your fake life, it'll keep you from actually do...
Aimbotz record
Only on a night when you're sleeping. Imagine lying on a forum to make yourself feel better. Bad life to have.
Aimbotz record
Enjoy your MG MM games ;>