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Device vs olof
Plenty of his MVP medals should've been awarded to one of his teammates. Device has always been favored when it comes to MVP medals, no matter how bad he played and how good his teammates played.
Device vs olof
There's no GOAT. Different eras had different star and top players. You can say "XYZ is one of the best players" or something like that, but you can't say "XYZ is the best player of all time". It's ov...
BIG vs mousesports
True. Most of the time you're just asking yourself why people here even watch CSGO when it's all just shit, everyone sucks and every single match is rigged by the mafia.
BIG vs mousesports
That's cause like 90% of the users here are kids who try to get people to believe them that they have money that they could bet on CSGO matches.
Cs:go don't make sense
10-20M a year sounds more like the money that the guys get who sit on the bench all year, waiting to finally get to play.
mouz lmao
I'm on the same team with you. All teams and players should be treated equally and with respect. No matter how bad their last performance might've been.
mouz lmao
To be fair, expecting things like logic or friendliness in the HTLV forum does make you kind of look like you're new here.
mouz lmao
Because they were winning so much more this year with him on the team.
BIG vs G2
Imagine legit believing in that.
Wonder what causes a scar like that.
Draken lost his mind?
Because of the history of CS. Valorant wasn't the first game to come out and get hyped up into infinity and being said that it will forever damage CS, or even kill it completely, but it never happend....
Draken lost his mind?
No, it wouldn't. It's always the same when a semi-competetive FPS get's released. People will claim it to be the CS killer, the best FPS to ever be released, and so on and on and in the end all those ...
Only Ropz and ChrisJ should stay
Mouz has always had a tough time at ESL One Colonge. I think it's their worst tournament in the history of the team.
Only Ropz and ChrisJ should stay
I wouldn't remove Frozen yet. He was pretty sick last year and he's still young. He has plenty of time left to improve and I'm sure he can be a lot better than he showed us in 2019. Mouz just needs to...
MAD Lions vs mousesports
Why would you bet on Mouz? They've been horrible all year long.