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New roster changes
stopped reading at navi
new tenzki roster
I would do a change there: Tenzki - Lurker nico - Entry mooddi - Entry NaTo - Supporter Snappi (he´s just gonna leave after karrigan´s move) - Supporter
Project Newcomer
Please don´t be toxic on the comments or joke, this is serious.
Project Newcomer
thanks for your opinion :)
Project Newcomer
if you´re ok with playing with lower players...fine for me
The most toxic nationality you encountered
Portugal is a very toxic nation, I am Portuguese and I know it really bad by playing in this shit community where pro teams can´t stay together more than 3-4 months. But not all of them are toxic
Top 3 players from ur country
i would rather chose jkaem instead of radi
Top 3 players from ur country
Portugal RMN KillDream Zelin
HR -DeadFox
imho I don´t think that HR would remove DeadFox, he and ANGE1 are the two longest members of the team. But, if they really went for -DeadFox i would imagine one of these moves: +HS » He is free agent...
Pianists come here
you´re welcome. Ok then, you got this dude
Pianists come here
from my own experience, i started learning a few months ago, and I never had played before, and I´m learning Bohemian Rhapsody really fast and easily so... If you have will to learn, then sure you can...
ScreaM, Ex6TenZ new team
Kinda nice i think, but why leave ldlc then (Amanek)?
Make a team
Make a team
Like it too, although its impossible it would be a great team.
Make a team
Se@ngares - supporter/IGL Swag - Lurker Autimatic - Awper S0m - 2ndEntry Nahte - entry What do u guys think?