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fnatic vs EXTREMUM
This game should be fnatic game even tho they are kinda shaky right now. But seeing how extremum perform against AGO they surely have a chance. I predict 100% score is either 2-1 or 2-0 for either fna...
Why is it that everytime bntet top frag and carrying extremum so hard the au players going bot mode. Now when bntet bot frag the au players play like they are surely tier 1 player, may be bntet share ...
EXTREMUM vs ex-Winstrike
I'm glad bntet doesn't have to broke his back for extremum to win. Good performance overall today by all extremum's players just too much choke.
Nemiga vs EXTREMUM
Either you bad or extremum shady org playing in shady tour
Winstrike vs 1WIN
Team win gonna win against team win to win this win cup. You hear that team win gonna win this win cup here first!
Extremum need both jkaem and bntet to hard carry these AU bots. If one of them have an average performance they will lose this!
Polando superteam
You can't make poland superteam without bntet who singlehandedly trying so hard to carry poland scene on his back!
EXTREMUM vs Tricked
Holy hell, i turned off stream after 15-7 and check hltv to see extremum actually win this. Wth happened?
Sinners vs EXTREMUM
Old and bad starts, awper (grat) and star player (bntet) so inconsistent and liazzz as bad as ever since he leave AU scene. Only good and consistent player is jkaem but he alone cant carry them. Hope ...
Give me TL;DR i cant read
The dream for sure to get jks to team up with bntet, 2 best firepower from oceania-asia region. Would be a deadly duo for sure. Hope this come true! vs OG
Probably some extra cash or maybe direct invite for fp3 for non affiliated team
Gen.G vs OG
Seeing how OG struggle to win against C9 and Gen.G almost took down VP 2-0 yesterday, i guess Gen.G should have been the favourite here. OG should first ban train if they want to win cause Gen.G train... vs Gen.G
I dont know about this game, surely VP is the favourite in this game. But Gen.G were not that bad against OG. So probably 60-40 for VP, but Gen.G surely has a chance to win if they are on point like w...