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Dr Disrespect Banned
nice story bro xD just forgot to add CIA and KGB
Dr Disrespect Banned there is nothing to see
Dr Disrespect Banned
I think the reason is connected with Method org and the drama with sexual harassment/ real or not/ now every attention whore like her
best polish rapper
only russian rap i listen from foreign . Dont understand a single word but like his voice https://www.youtub...
Mixer= DEAD??
lucky for shroud and ninja if they are free from their contracts. , they got easy money and now they can back in twitch fuck faceshit
EU smokers come here
in the past maybe, there is no more lucky strike menthol
dont think so, especially if they have contracts XAXA this is what happened when you sell your ass to corporation
best tv shows?
1.Narcos 2. Chernobyl 3. Breaking bad
Music app
for electronic music soundcloud is number one, for everything else im using spotify Youtube still sucks, you create playlist and after 6 months most of the tracks are gone - delete it
Germans come in
1. Otto von Bismarck 2.Otto von Bismarck 3.Otto von Bismarck
Computer setups
desc from Ikea with one PC and 2 monitors - nothing special and fancy
PIMP FANS ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!
who the fuck is still playing MM on 64 tick servers or this is old video?!?
Horror movie