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It was the biggest mistake to kick golden for xitz I mean they won 3 trophys winning faze at its best and they still prefered xitz over golden when it was the only time after a longg walk that fnatic ...
danish choke?
aw god...
Na'Vi worst roster change 2019
sign markeloff already
ENCE vs Renegades
How about rene starts ct snd outaim them in.nukr
ENCE vs Renegades
Fluke how are fluke when they qualify for second.time all I know is renegades are.the nemesis of ence 50 50 for me
NiP changes
they need a dedicated awper
2018 mibr > 2019 mibr
zeus is fine but felps seems to have lack of confidence and also he is not focused as he should be as a pro player
not even bro zews seems to do his job and fallen disgussing with him for the solution.. what are saying bro...
NiKo should leave FaZe
2 players in a site ( 1 awp , 1 rifle ) awper holding first contact everytime with enemy team while his rifler just holds close to him -> awpers baits for his rfiler everytime he shoots ( rather kill...
yeah but if we look stats when maikele was on team in two diffrent sepurated years both they won tournaments
they need awper it would be good if they bring back maikelee but draken is good too
Top awp players atm
Well top awpers atm to be honest are xccurate , kaze , allu , fallen , gratis
Top awp players atm
woxic no Deve no ( u cant rly assess his awp form since he doesnt really try with it cos of good teammates) s1mple ( yes ) Allu ( yes ) fallen (yes) Guardian (yes) xccurate ( yes )
boring but I think but its gonna be a paradise of bets.. lots of underdogs winning trust me
New Navi