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Shox doesnt allow ex6tenz to igl like he wants to
Ex6tenz and shox cant play on the same team
never drank never smoked never had drugs
I have smoked 10 cigarettes everyday for the last 8 years and I am still not addicted
Yea reaction time deteriorate, but correct me if I am totally wrong. I think I read somewhere or heard someone say that hand-to-eye coordination does not deteriorate before you are like 45. It might b...
Tap water
The thing is that no1 buys water from the store in norway cos the tap water is so clean that there is really no point. + You pay more for the bottle then the actual water, and the plastic in our water...
Sobol in ex Kinguin
When you get to a age like 30 you don’t have the same time/drive to grind cs to get better cos then you are trying to actually have a life, like the vp players now
Tap water
Yea probs the bottle
Tap water
Wages in Norway are way higher then most other places, so buying shit in Norway is hella expensive for people from other countries. And if Norwegian go to for example Sweden everything is hella cheap
Best country?
Just saying that Japan is the most racist country in the world, if you think that Japan is the best country in the world I am not gonna try and change your mind
Best country?
Brexit is gonna fuck uk’s economy sooooooo hard
Tap water
I thought so ;)
Best country?
The most racist country in the world
Tap water
I dont know where you buy water but if you are paying 200kr for a bottle of water you are getting scammed
GOAT of football ?