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most famous writers from your country???
idk it was a random guess
most famous writers from your country???
Probably because of communism. If u live with shit government it’s easy to write like that
FaZe IGL options?
I mean they are probably doing better due to less stress since karrigan is leaving. Same thing happened with NiKo and they won a tournament but he still left
Faze 5th
Ah rip. All good tho thanks for replying
Faze 5th
Where can I watch fallen and cold analyzing faze. Also is it in English?
niko sensitivity
Yeah but I also enjoy using higher sens in other games so I just swapped and I got used to it and it’s close to the same
niko sensitivity
I played with his sens for a few months and honestly I was so Much better at aiming. Felt more precise. Only reason I swapped is it is super hard to 180. I think he might have a dpi bind but idk
Americans come
It’s very complicated. There are benefits to the system and detriments. You can argue either way but it’s main purpose is to make every state matter
Odds on Biden shifting
Yeah they will. But it’s really impossible to tell now. Only 5 battleground states with Trump leading in all but since the last votes to be counted are mail ins, they are mostly Biden and he could win...
Americans come
Because it makes it so small states matter as well. If it was on popular vote, only big states like California and Texas would matter while small states would not have a say. This way, a small state c...
Odds on Biden shifting
Because the first votes counted were at polls and mostly republican and the later votes were mail ins which are mostly Democrat. So trump leads at first mostly but Biden closes in the gap
Gym stats 2 months
You forgot to say. DJ, 32k a month as well