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nt prokda
Actual top 10 2019 (LEAKED)
NiKo was top 5 for first half of 2019. Then shit for like 3 months and is now on fire again. I think he will be top 10 for sure if he keeps it up
im trans ama
im trans ama
Do u believe in more than 2 genders?
I mean it’s kind of interesting. To see two youtubers/celebrities box each other. Not something that is common. Plus they are both incredibly fit for not being professional athletes
brokyy AWP > olof AWP ?
Probably nerves. From what I’ve seen tho he has single handily won some rounds for FaZe. He gets a lot of impact frags
FaZe problems (analyzed)
Yeah but also a while ago NiKo got offered to join MIBR/SK and he said he would only go with rain but rain didn’t want to go. Also olof and rain just aren’t as active on social media as NiKo and cold ...
FaZe vs Heroic
So don’t watch the link u gave?
URGENT: FaZe needs an IGL
Pretty sure it’s a team decision but it’s most likely rain. He was the one who talked with guardian about him being benched and in an interview he was asking NiKo if he becomes igl will he be fully co...
Have you seen 13 Reasons Why ?
I watch it and think it’s decent. Much better shows out there
GTA IV easy
Make a team
Oh i thought he meant players in top ten teams. My b
Make a team
NiKo Gla1ve S1mple Zywoo Elige/twistzzz
It’s against steam terms of service to use a hidden ip or vpn. Not worth the risk
coldzera homophobic?
I mean. Showtime literally was his worst teammate ever so is he really just saying that because showtime is gay? I think not