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Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
Midtjylland LOL
Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
1. FC Copenhagen 2. KB 3. Brøndby if
Top 15 NHL Players
where the f*** is Great dane Lars Eller ?? hehe=) danish superstar =)
CS:GO team names really suck
Worst names sharks 3DMAX MVP PK MIBR ( when they hade Tark and stewie on the team - make no sense with 2 from usa ) Top names Astralis Natus Vincere ( NaVi ) Virtus.pro fnatic
mouz shuffle
i think they will ... if North dont make it to the majors ..then i think they will kick cadian and 1 more ... to get Karrigan and a new awp'r ( Draken or NaToSaphiX )
mouz shuffle
maybe ... chose him because rumors about him are already in place in mouz
mouz shuffle
really like Karrigan to think he will be the best choice 4 mouz .. but i want him to joint north =)
mouz shuffle
Karrigan : experienced leader - good tactical leader - good use of smoke/flash - but lov firepower Frozen : good upcomming talent : good aim - good gamesense - have firepower - but still young and mi...
like to see Karrigan IGL Valde Rifler Gade Rifler Draken AWP kjaerbye Rifler
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under 21 years : Magisk - Lurker over 25 years : ChrisJ - IGL / 2nd Awp never in Top 20 : Zywoo - Awp 1 my country : dupreeh - entry One streamer : JasonR - Entry
Top 5 awper atm : 1. S1mple 2. Device 3. Guardian 4. Naf 5. autimatic Top 5 skill awper : 1. S1mple 2. device 3. Cerq 4. KennyS 5. ChrisJ / Oskar / Fallen Top 5 brain awper : 1. Device 2. Falle...
Best CS Streamer
JasonR fl0m
Denmark csgo
who is the IGL ???
Denmark csgo
whether it is aizy or kjaerbye being removed, i don't care - they are almost equally "good" (bad). but I think Aizy has a slightly better aim and teamwork