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ez for Hoitelija
cyberpunk 2077
Looks lit
I r8 your shoes
Sounds good!
I r8 your shoes
I really liked the "OG" Chicago colorway of those Off-White Jordans, might have to try and go for the UNC. It's pretty fresh too.
rate this jacket
Not a personal favourite, and I personally couldn't pull off something like this at all. TNF has been putting out some quality designs lately tho.
I r8 your shoes
Damn, I'll have to keep that in mind. Well, I guess there is still quite a lot of heat coming out in the following months. Gotta wait & see.
I r8 your shoes
Yeah, boost is great. Thought about copping the Super moon yellow colorway of the 500's on Saturday but totally forgot. Maybe some other colourway some day. The 2 new colorways of the Nike x Off-Whit...
Dre is a legendary producer, no doubt.
I r8 your shoes
If you really got all of these, that's a really nice collection. How does the Yeezy 500 compare to the 350 Boost V2 in regards to the comfort?
I r8 your shoes
This colorway isn't available anymore, but you can find similar colourways with blue and red tones along a core black version on the adidas web store. The price varies depending on where you live, the...
I r8 your shoes
In rotation atm NMD_CS2 "Shock pink" YZY Boost 350 V2 Breds Vans Old School Burgundy & White Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High White Nike AF1 Low '07 White
Can ENCE win ESL One Cologne?
can i buy a g wagon with €2500?
Not a chance
R8 ass
R8 is a great car, not an ass at all.
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