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FRIBERG and S1MPLE grafittis
Is grafittis a disease? Is it rare?
Sharks = NEXT FURIA?
Since the games in June. They have been underwhelming to the extreme. I mean if you like exiting early at meaningful events whatever. Have fun with that ARTIC INVITATIONAL over the best team in the wo...
Sharks = NEXT FURIA?
Yeah, Cloud9 is really good. And all of those other terrible BR teams too
Sharks = NEXT FURIA?
starladder event win. Top 4 at major. What Furia do? Beat Singularity? What a long list we got here.
Sharks = NEXT FURIA?
Yes. a team that has done something.
Sharks = NEXT FURIA?
The next what? Team that does nothing. What a comparison.
Movie experts
No, but you should wat
driver's license
30$ for GTA SA for practice, and 58$ for the Test and ID itself.
-stewie2k posts
He talks a lot of shit too, so idk why he is mad.
Practice a deep american voice. Ez russian spy.
No. They just have to stop taking 1v1's with a 5v3 advantage with no trade potential. Quite retarded.
Renegades 0 - 3
They want to lose, no way you take so many 1v1's with no TRADE potential. They're so good, yet they actually have a 75 IQ.
Renegades vs AVANGAR
You don't love peeking with a 5v3 advantage with no trade potential?
Renegades vs AVANGAR
Renegades keep taking dry peek 1v1's not trading, peeking into another dry peek again and dying with no trade then they do it 1 more time to make sure Avangar have a better chance to win.
what posititon did u play?
Handegg - Quarterback CSGO - entry fragger