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Best pistol player rn?
Nice try Armenian. Then u better talk about lands of Azerbaijan that u occupied by killing innocent
ERDOGAN 200 iq
well how sad you are that your country got their ass whooped twice in world wars and u still talk about other countries
ERDOGAN 200 iq
shut up kiddo ur so small to talk to men. your mouth still smells milk
ERDOGAN 200 iq
see all u can talk shit and i know ur just a kid. but be careful before a pedo comes and whoop yo kiddo ass
ERDOGAN 200 iq
when an uneducated person has no more to say they talk shit so go and learn before u try to be smart otherwise u will always look like a trash
ERDOGAN 200 iq
ye im defending erdogan because he is good leader in protecting his country against two faced countries like yours. i dont know their internal problems with him but he is a leader that mommy merkel do...
ERDOGAN 200 iq
first of all im not from turkey if you cant see the flag and if you wanna talk about armenia go and check out how armenia captured lands of AZERBAIJAN and refuses to give it back and kills innocent pe...
ERDOGAN 200 iq
i really get surprised that germans are racist when they caused both world wars. erdogan didnt kill millions like your people
Best Aimers in PRO scene
Niko S1mple Xantares Scream Electronic
240hz monitor
no i mean use same monitor on 144hz because my friend said your fps is low for 240 hz
-carrosco +scream
layun is dirty bitch