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Tsitsipas destroying Switsserlan
Tsitsipas no namer tier 3 player LOL Go eat a burger better dude
Other countries in your eyes
Denmark : Depresion Shithole
Tennis fans, COME
The Great White Hope - Donald Trump
Orange hope
"Taxation is theft"
Avoid taxation.
Top 3 worst places.
1.Poland 2. Brazil 3. Turkey
Look EU is good choice . Euro is bad choice , we regret that we joined euro as a currency not EU . UK never joined euro and this was a great move , but leaving EU it’s bad , will cost you a lot of mon...
It was mistake from the beginning . Mistake for themselves mainly cause EU will not affected much as far UK never joined euro . The best move for them is to stay .
Turkey two faced
1st of all your shithole didn’t helped . 2nd we already do that , nothing changed , just everyone payed our debt . Should I wait the kick ?? As far as we are the border of Eu , no one will kick us ...
Turkey two faced
Chios - Limnos and many many other believe me belongs to Greece .
Turkey two faced
Cyprus accepted Turkish citizens IF Turkey remove army from Cyprus . But you said NO .
Turkey two faced
Nobody excepts Erdogan obviously. Just before 2 days speaker about Greece and Cyprus. Probably you leave in your own kebab world.
Turkey two faced
You are completely wrong . We have 2018 we don’t give a f... about lands . We need salaries bigger . That’s why we vote LEFT government. Yes we call Konstantinoupole, it’s easier for us , like you cal...
Turkey two faced
How Turks have rights at Cyprus ???? Greece have rights at Cyprus??? Rights have ONLY Cyprus , no Turks no Greeks . How that is so difficult to understand it
Turkey two faced
Come on dude , only 8% fascists here have Megali Idea retarded logik .