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s1mple fans are another level of delusional
You're literally making shit up 🤣🤣 they already went over this, ZywOo had 6 MVPs, s1mple had 2. There were only 2 more he couldve gotten from the CIS RMR, so even if those wouldve counted, ZywOo wo...
Premade/DuoQ on Faceit = most cancer ?
You're just delusional honestly. Faceit has a system to combat elo farming with lower elo, so let's say a 2700 elo is queueing with a lvl 4. The 2700 elo will only get +10 elo per game. While the res...
S1mple vs Zywoo comparison using non CS examples
So you're saying that Stephen Hawking would beat Usain Bolt in a race TWO YEARS IN A ROW?
I mean the eye twitching and mouth movements, just looks so weird tbh
I mean it just looks exactly like hes on adderall or something but maybe he just is like that all the time? Idk
Loba quit FPL???
He said this like 5 times now... Loba is a little drama queen
Twistzz most overrated
Twistzz hasn't shown anything this year to show that he is on the level as the riflers I mentioned tbh, until now, but it's still only 7 maps. He has played well, but not on their level and yeah you c...
Twistzz most overrated
Yeah of course, he's world class but he has not played on the same level as the top top riflers like NiKo, ropz, ax1le, Hobbit, yekindar, mir etc
Everyone has to play with it on, it's just for completely new accounts they can play 2-3 games without it turned on for some reason
ZywOo this year
Lmfao sorry what? He is the second highest rated player in the world by far and you doubt he will make it to top 10? What are you smoking man?
Twistzz most overrated
The cope is real, there are like 10 riflers with better ratings than Twistzz this year .