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Everyone thinking oh its simple oh its zywoo
maybe top 2 but i dont think it was his year , Boombl4 definitely left more of an impact on the scene with his massive frags and explosive rounds , the guy cannot be contained.
Sergej undeserved
+1 to this thread this guy won fluke event while on a wave of momentum 0/8 shouldnt be top 20 if u put him in top 20 u put him at 20th place max
Complexity vs Gen.G
Bulgaria carrying NA again. I like this new Complexity team and hope Gen.G bounces back and works on their craft to deliver further up in 2020.
Top 20 players 2019: 15th
sergej is not top 20 yet and frozen is not top 20 yet .. sorry to disappoint you guys! maybe next year giving my vote to jks/xyp
2019 top20 n°18
are they 18-20th worthy ? Yes but will they get it ? no. many players deserve 18th to 20th spot but can't put them all in the list
Just another day where Americans decide that they have the right to kill other members of our beautiful planet .. focusing on defenseless countries to exploit their resources :'(
cya ;')
TLDR but please don't do it !
high rating at big events in shiit team ?the last 2-3 spots of the top 20 list, of course, you can put 10 different players and have arguments for each that they belong in the list..
1) Zywoo 2) S1mple 3) Dev1ce 4) EliGE 5) Magisk 6) Electronic 7) Twistzz 8) Brehze 9) Xyp9x 10) Brollan 11) woxic 12) Ropz 13) Ethan 14) jks 15) Dupreeh 16) NAF 17) Coldzera 18) Cerq 19) kscerato 20) ...
Reason why NAVI lost
Top 20 Prediction 2019 (thoughts ?)
Upon reviewing and reflecting over this list I conclude that this is the final top 20 list. 1) Zywoo 2) S1mple 3) Dev1ce 4) EliGE 5) Magisk 6) Electronic 7) Brehze 8) Xyp9x 9) NAF 10) Brollan 11) woxi...
Top 20 Prediction 2019 (thoughts ?)
Could be either , really , last 2-3 spots are always subjective
Top 20 Prediction 2019 (thoughts ?)
Agreed Twistzz a bit too high , i would switch him and NAF-FLY if I could but it's too late now ^^ i realized after i submited the list , as for brollan i think he was instrumental in that team's upsw...
Top 20 Prediction 2019 (thoughts ?)
8th highest rated at big events this year , also the last ranks on the list are always subjective and can put in many different players that deserve it equally as the gap is so small between the one b...
Hunter Top 20?
very close to being top 20 not quite yet.