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TYLOO vs Renegades
He is not, Support player do bitch roles and Coldzera don't do that
TYLOO vs Renegades
No Coldzera is not a support player
TYLOO vs Renegades
Jks better support than Cold but then how does that make Jks a risk for an english speaking tier 1 team that needs good support player??? Jks has proven himself already
TYLOO vs Renegades
Before you said it's too risky for tier 1 team to get Jks but now you are saying only reason Jks can't replace Taco is because Liquid might be able to get Coldzera if they keep Taco
TYLOO vs Renegades
You said too risky for tier 1 teams to get Jks but now you're saying Liquid can't because Coldzera is joining? You change your story too much And besides C9 have money and they still have 2 good pla...
TYLOO vs Renegades
What he is trying to say is Jks does same roles as a player like Styko but does them a lot better and wouldn't hold back a team like Styko did with Mousesports, In fact Jks is one of the only support ...
Coldzera not support player man, Jks have similar roles as say a Boltz but Jks do a lot better because Jks actual good player
Dignitas vs Vireo.pro
faze jks
Thats not updated because Renegades won star ladder and stuff
faze jks
If it's to replace Olof then yeah
faze jks
Renegades are a lot better than Heroic, Wtf have Heroic done what Renegades hasn't? What a stupid troll you are
Cloud9 Idea
Olof is back and not even sure if Auti would want to move to eu
Cloud9 Idea
Then he would have to play support
Cloud9 Idea
Well unless he is a support player in Liquid its his best choice
Cloud9 50iq
Lol??? Stupid