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Fuck fallen
how many majors have navi won? Remind me please
mibr NiKo
For sure, but this Olof situation is so strange. If they had a full team they could've beated astralis in some of their recent meetings
mibr NiKo
oh i didnt know that. Thx man. But dude i need to point this out, why the f*** they asked more for flamie?? LOL
mibr NiKo
i thought it was because s1mple decided not to go when things were 99% complete. But i can be wrong so sorry if i am.
mibr NiKo
IMT had the money to buy s1mple and flamie, why wouldnt they buy niko? Its not going to happen but its not impossible feel me?
nao vai te a mesma graça de antes. Antes o time ra full br, ganha da faze era legal pq tinhamos um time só de brasileiros e nao um mix de nações só pra formar o melhor time possível. Eu nao vou mais t...
Boltz a bad decision
felps decided to take a break, it wasnt sks fault we all know that. Regarding fnx i agree with u he shouldn't have left sk
Boltz a bad decision
they win epicenter, esl pro league and blast wiith him but they dont perform really well in 1 tournament and u are already talking shit. like really?
they want to
kioshima LMAO
retard alert
Why do you hate the Turks?
can i bring an armenian into discussion terrorist?
HLTV Ranking: 17th
"But SK wasn't there"
i lost faith in u bro, i think u dont understand the main point LOL
"But SK wasn't there"
because most of the titles that sk won after faze got this amazing roster was with them in the tournament so theres no " sk won poorly against astralis with a stand in " or " sk won against a shitty V...
"But SK wasn't there"
i lost faith after trying to make everybody believe that brazilians arent toxic. But u guys dont give a F about us so we dont give a F about u guys also. Only giving back the love that u guys have for...