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Brazil top 2
Yes, they are lying, Brazil is actually #1!!!!! Actually you shouldn't even talk to this guy, he's one of the president supporters, he has lost sense of reality long ago, nearly 25k people dead he sti...
Homophobes are closet gays +18
There was this guy I was friends with during high school, guy always tried to shame gay people etc. Turns out 2 years later he was gay but couldn't come out because of his religious family, so I find ...
Joe Biden RACIST??
US taking a scary path
Brazilian fellas plz come
I see you don't care about learning english as well.
Brazilian fellas plz come
So what? I was remembering it with some friends and we got curious about how it was for people. I'm not Bahiano but it'd not be a problem if I was, do you think that you are superior cause are from So...
Brazilian fellas plz come
If he has really moved to Canada I bet he's cleaning somebody's toilet, getting minimum wage at best and spreading bullshit about how he's much superior to the other brazilians, sindrome de vira-lata ...
Brazilian fellas plz come
https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2280624/18-man I see your IQ is really high man.
Brazilian fellas plz come
Síndrome de vira-lata.
NiKo tweet
gotta love NiKo
Should I be using Chrome or Firefox?
I used Vivaldi for a period but it seems that you can't get rid of the toolbar right? It was about 2 years ago so it might've changed but that thing got on my nerves so I quit, overall is a very decen...
Should I be using Chrome or Firefox?
Opera or Firefox
I have enjoyed quarantine.
Try to stay calm and do as much as you can, I know these e-classes suck but remember most of the students are in the same position as you, enem isn't that hard of a test if you focus on what's really ...