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Astros throwing
thats my logic for the yankees
Cloud 9
your forgetting the big problem here, snax on a top30 team just doesnt work
Atheists come here
religion was forced on people and enforced by law in many countries for hundreds of years, if not for that i think atheism would have been bigger
a small percentage of the people that stream consistently are t1 but mythic are not
possible, but i dont think autimatic would fit in TACO's role on liquid
Top 5 players in country of all time
how are you going to put skadoodle/nifty over elige
USA come
We had the Articles of Confederation before the Constitution then we figured out that it wouldn't work because our federal government had basically no power ie. no taxes no army so we just worked as 1...
USA come
The Constitution was not written until 1787. The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. It took us a few years of a shitty government to write the Constitution.
Your Dream Major
Nice. Unfortunately the great lakes area isnt a huge name so no one wants to have tourneys here
Your Dream Major
Anywhere in the great lakes area would be nice. I went to eleague atlanta and it was about 10 hrs away which wasnt awful but i would like a closer event so my friends and i could go
Your Dream Major
Columbus MLG Summer time ik there was a columbus major but i couldnt go then and its so close to where i live
-Ska +draken
-Ska +draken
-Ska +draken
majority eu team so yes
-Ska +draken
Downgrade, if draken joined then they would have to play in eu qualifiers making it much harder for them.