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Part time pornstar and minecraft youtuber just trying to make a living! #Trump2020
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Trump just fucked his party
I am too, but I think the democratic party has way too many people trying to run and really need to cut it down to a few candidates.
Trump just fucked his party
If Trump found the cure for cancer, Dems would hate him for putting doctors out of work. There is no winning with them, they want him to follow a democratic agenda as a Republican president.
Trump just fucked his party
The left constantly is against extra border security and a wall but then calls for Trump to do something about drug deaths and crimes in the US. If we don't stop the drugs from coming into our country...
Trump just fucked his party
AOC is not a moderate and Bernie Sanders is the same way, both too socialist to win the presidency. The reason the dems have a low chance of winning the next election is that there is so many of them ...
Tyloo 2:3
Idk how you can consider a team a meme because they lost a bo1 lol.
now cloud9 has also betrayed 3-0 pick'em
that is my way of thinking, put a random ass team that could either do really well or do shit as your 3-0 pick.
Top 3 cities for visit in ur country?
Los Angeles New York City Miami
Darkest time in your country’s history?
Tough scene
C9 or Faze Smooya
I think neither. Neither team really needs him imo. I want C9 to develop Zellsis and see where he goes before anyone talks about trading/dropping him and I think FaZe are pretty solid rn.
Darkest time in your country’s history?
Post WW2 to the end of the Cold War was thr darkest time for eastern Germany.
how is this guy doing this
Green screen and it looks like he has a remote of some kind in his left hand
Who win major ?
I think there is alot of talent in the USA. But i do agree with you to an extent.
Who win major ?
Wdym theres plenty of good players from USA lol
Who win major ?
6 players in top 10. 6 players in top 30. 6 players in top 50. Whats your point?
silver /=/ professional retard