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GoT season 8 SPOILER (Arya tries to kill Nightking
watching GoT is life, you simply can't choose
GoT season 8 SPOILER (Arya tries to kill Nightking
wtf you doing with your life then?
I converted to islam AMA
TIL Turkey is slang for muslim invasion of the german traditions
I converted to islam AMA
TIL Turkey 5% turkish turks in germanylands of turkey
I converted to islam AMA
stfu i cant even tell the difference between turkey and germany anymore
wtf Denmark
War in Copenhagen - muslims and autonomous vs. police
I think it is great. The fact that the Muslims are provoked, just proves Paludan's point. They behave like animals. We have a right to free speech and it should not be brought up to debate just becaus...
N word in Russia
Same in Denmark, you can't be racist if no one cares. i love it
MIBR fans delusional
Or is it?
Top 3 cities in your country
Every city in Russia is in top 3, everyone has cheap vodka and crocodile drug
favorite rap songs + rappers
You have mumble rap in Soviet Union? Thought you only had
Outside US Guns Law
Exactly so why not also ban screwdrivers, metal pipes etc. I read about people being screwed in London alone every day. Police are even doing screw-and-search, and it's still there! If screwdrivers, m...
Omg puusyhound.. i guess the "world" does not know of sarcasm jesus christ
India is 100billion people, no wonder air is more polluted there
Countries you dislike
Weird how only like 2% speak english then. I have been to Paris and was not able to communicate with anybody