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How many hours do you sleep ?
M, T, F about 8 hours. W about six. Th, Sat, and Sun about 9 hours.
World without your country
Ok first off there are hot non Brazilian women. Secondly with the exception of ayrton senna how would f1 be not nearly as interesting without Brazil. American BBQ is better than Brazilian BBQ. The Afr...
World without your country
No Iran war No Iraq war No horrible corvettes No trump No constant mass shootings that happen in a first world country even though they aren't bad enough to only happen in a third world country No Mil...
rate my new car
Just wrong
rate my new car
Personally I prefer fiat 500s, but solid choice 8/10
Why are German cars better than French cars?
I love my fiat 500, while I admit it isn't the best car, and every German car my dad has ever owned has been "better" than it, people need to realize that Italy doesn't just make supercars, it makes d...
I have a U.K. Passport but I have to agree this is the best HALTV comment I have ever seen
Is racism really wrong ?
You make me ashamed to be a liquid fan
Is racism really wrong ?
I am saying that people say there are different races, but race wouldn't exist if humans didn't make it up, and while differences in species exist on a biological level, race doesn't exist on a biolog...
Is racism really wrong ?
Race doesn't = species. That's insanely different
Is racism really wrong ?
Also I'm not saying that irrational hatred of others because of where they are form isnt normal nor am I saying I'm exempt from it. I am Scottish and hate the English so much, even though i know I sho...
Is racism really wrong ?
The fact is that race fundamentally is a bullshit concept that only exists because humans mad easily it up. On a biological level there is no such thing as race.
Is racism really wrong ?
agree with your point however fundamentally race and culture are different. For example I am Scottish, and Scotland is insanely white, I love Scottish culture and proudly wear my kilt, however saying ...
Is racism really wrong ?
Yes racism is wrong, it's common and unfortunately is normal but in the way that not giving a fuck about Syrians being gassed is normal. Most people do it but it is fundamentally wrong