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Top20 hltv2017 in your opnion
yup Hen1 is definitely number 8, not biased at all.
NiKo #1 this year!
0/8 b8 m8
niko best player?
I'm not disagreeing with you, he pushes a lot and it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't....they lost yesterday. However, after just a short period as a team with players that all speak differen...
niko best player?
I would agree that cold is better than Niko. At the same time Niko still plays like hes the best in the server with a great deal of confidence no matter who hes playing, and It clearly works for him, ...
niko best player?
Its hard when you know you're better than everyone in the server to not "yolo ego push"...
Is FaZe afraid of G2?
Ok, you can call Faze's recent success "luck" or whatever, but when "luck" starts to become consistent its not really luck anymore. Faze has been dominant over the past weeks and they still look just ...
Is FaZe afraid of G2?
16-9 is not choking at all. Considering Faze probably didn't have a lot of time to prepare for a team like Tyloo. Especially because Tyloo has 2 new players and isn't around in the scene a lot. They j...
This post is as bad as the BR scene
Are olof and NiKo best friends?
right now, yes niko is statistically better, but olof will always be a legend and known as one of the best of all time. Olof made history, Niko has a little ways to go until he reaches that point, not...
I think the god roster would be -karrigan -olof +cold +fallen
S1mple is the best player in the world
stan is a huge reason as to why liquid has there success. Optic died after stan left... replacing ska would be sick for C9 imo. If they can maintain decent chemistry that is.
FaZe's best player
Allu 5Head