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Top 5 the most arrogant pros
Used to be funny but now it's not. He doesn't have the abilities/results to back it up anymore, either
what is ur streak?
1 month
what mean of HLTV ?
Half life television - the name of GOTV in earlier iterations of CS
school inc
3 days till first year of high school. Same as the guy above me, i guess
i r8 your joke
How do you create the worlds biggest mass migration? By driving a hot dog stand through Africa
*clip or gtfo
Cloud9 vs MIBR
coldzera killed STYKO with ak47 RUSH killed Stewie2K with m4a1 FalleN killed Golden with awp STYKO killed coldzera with m4a1 Round started
MiBR -> MiAM
Made in Brazil/America(Asia)/America(Turkey)
Teams you miss?
The tier 1.5-2 version of North (Rubino, cajunb, magisk, k0nfig and Aizy)
Top 20 2018 1st half
Dupreeh should be higher i think
[18+] is it gay?
I don’t Think so. I mean - is it not basically the male equivelant of pleasuring a girls boobs?. I mean - if it’s another dude doing it, then it’s gay, but is it really gay if it’s a girl? I mean, it’...
Football onliners
I think that he means the equivelant of an onliner in CS:GO - someone who does great in qualifications and can't do anything "on lan" - the WC in this case
I haven't lost all hope but seeing Bendtner out is really annoying, even as someone who doesn't follow football
Yeah think that's it. Apparently SK (the org) aren't providing them a spot to bootcamp rn so it's usefull for them
Danish people HELP! Looks cosy for a 2 stars hotel and ...