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MiBR -> MiAM
Made in Brazil/America(Asia)/America(Turkey)
Teams you miss?
The tier 1.5-2 version of North (Rubino, cajunb, magisk, k0nfig and Aizy)
Top 20 2018 1st half
Dupreeh should be higher i think
[18+] is it gay?
I don’t Think so. I mean - is it not basically the male equivelant of pleasuring a girls boobs?. I mean - if it’s another dude doing it, then it’s gay, but is it really gay if it’s a girl? I mean, it’...
Football onliners
I think that he means the equivelant of an onliner in CS:GO - someone who does great in qualifications and can't do anything "on lan" - the WC in this case
I haven't lost all hope but seeing Bendtner out is really annoying, even as someone who doesn't follow football
Yeah think that's it. Apparently SK (the org) aren't providing them a spot to bootcamp rn so it's usefull for them
Danish people HELP! Looks cosy for a 2 stars hotel and ...
Draken (should give you an option to translate to your language) TL:DR: His dad is the CEO of universal music in sweden
Send your Wikipedia Link of your city
It IS a nice town!. As it is mentioned in the article, the population (atleast) doubles during the sommer time. It's nice all year round, but really comes alive during the summer months.
Fashion advice
Then it seems worth it to me :)
Send your Wikipedia Link of your city Btw we've got the most popular ice cream store/shop in all of Denmark (and there's literally nothing special about it)
Fashion advice
Yes (if they're not that expensive)
waste ur time?
Having a gigantic brainfart when there's an exam tomorrow
Something i've noticed about the last few "eras"
I was talking about myself, having an Astralis flair and making a post indreictly praising Astralis :)